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ROB HALFORD - Der METALGOD im Talk German/English

Here We Go!

ROB HALFORD - Der METALGOD im Interview Iceman: "At first I want to say "Thank You for taking the time"! Rob, the first thing I would like to know is: The CD "Halford Essentials Vol. 1" is out now, many fans think
"Oh, another Solo CD, we hope the MetalGod don't split up again with priest!? What can you tell them?"

RobHalford: "Nobody needs to worry about this, because I'm back with PRIEST now for quite a few years and its like being home for me, back with the band that I love, more than anything in the world, I'm very happy to be making Metal with Judas Priest, of course after the big success of the Reunion CD "Angel Of Retribution" and many, many shows that we played all around the world! Of course, now we are working hard on the next release. For next year, the "Nostradamus Project"!
The Solo CD, you know is more a compilation of my Solo activities, like the "Fight" Days and stuff like that, I want to make sure that this stuff is available for everybody!
Nobody needs to worry about JUDAS PRIEST, we have a strong relationship, the band is very important for us, we are better, than we've ever been!

Iceman: "What about the new priest album? Release? Title?"

RobHalford: "We are making a concept record, a metal opera, about the life of Nostradamus, who lived in France 500 years ago, it's new and exiting, we have never made a concept record in JUDAS PRIEST, but we often thought about it!
And after we finished the "Angel Of Retribution" Tour, we hade a meeting and talked about the incredible idea, there is still a lot of work to do, there is stuff that needs to be completed, next time I'm gonna take a little break to do promotion for the "METALGOD ESSENTIALS VOL.1" CD, I'm going back to England very soon, after this we will work hard on "Nostradamus" and hopefully we are able to release it in the early part of next year!
Iceman: "Rob, when you look back, at your glory career from the 70, when the first rays of metal came across the horizon, trough the glory 80s the 90 grunge era, what do you think when you see today the whole black, metal, trash metal, crossover, new metal and all this stuff? Wasn't the metal scene in the 80s the more like a family?

ROB HALFORD - Der METALGOD im Interview RobHalford: "Well we came a long way in the past 3 decades, almost 4 decades and when the Metalscene began, many years ago, it was a much different world. There were very, very few Metalbands! We always believed that the real Metalscene began in England, in Birmingham in the very late 60's, early 70's, with Bands of course like JUDAS PRIEST and BLACK SABBATH, you know, BLACK SABBATH will be known forever!
It was very difficult in those days to make a connection with your music, you know, because you don't had any internet, any radio station, metal magazines or videos or anything like that!
We had to do our promotion for ourselves, playing the clubs and the pubs, the small venues, getting on the ferry coming over to Germany, playing any venue we could, working hard to get a fan base!
In today's world, the internet for example it's very easy to make a song available, download, very easily, you have a faster way to distribute your music.
But as you said, now the Metalscene is a big base, but I think this is fantastic!
The choice and the opportunity for all different styles of Metal, it's a global experience! You can find Metalbands in all parts of the world, in places where you never thought about!
You can find Deathmetal, Blackmetalbands in China, the middle east, India, that's incredible and that shows that Metal has the power to reach everyplace in the world!
Iceman: "Wich kind of music do you hear at home? Wich CD rotates when the MetalGod is home alone?"

RobHalford: "It's quite diverse, because I love all styles of metal music, I'm an internet junkie, need to go in the internet, have a look - what's happening on the mySpace pages, I go to the Metalpages, stuff like that. At the moment I'm listening to new bands like 3 Inches of Blood, but I also love extreme bands like Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Obituary, Mayhem - it's all over the place, you know?
I have a very broad based taste but metal music is what I'm listening to, that's the music I can understand and identify with!
Iceman: "I could imagine that you use to laugh, when you are at home and watch TV and you see shows like "American Idol" or however this crap is called, and you have to hear people who are not able to hit a single note, but they think they are "Stars", what do you think about all this Castinghype?

RobHalford: "(laughs) it's remarkable and I don't watch these shows, I think they are shit, you know? Just shit! I know how important music is for the people and I can't understand at which level people are dropped to, it's like opium for the masses, everybody is numb, to get a real challenge, but it's very easy to make this shows, because they don't have to pay for "Talent", but let the people watch what ever they want!" (laughs)

ROB HALFORD - Der METALGOD im Interview Iceman: "Rob, you have always been for me and millions of fans out there the metal god, the scream machine, dressed in leather and spikes, but I need to ask you this - in 1986 when you released the TURBO Album, well please don't get me wrong, but you have always been singing about the "Hellbent For Leather", about "Freewheel Burning", stuff like that and suddenly you came up with lyrics like "PARENTIAL GUIDANCE" - what do you think now, 20 years later about the TURBO Record?

RobHalford: "Well, this is funny, because I was in my car and I have sateliteradio in my car, so I can listen to where ever I'm on the road and this song was playing on the radio!
I think this song was really a reflection what was going on especially in America, with the P.M.R.C. A lot of restriction being placed on musicians, censorship and things like this; I think it's just a reaction of what is going on in the world.
It's funny because last night on VH1 I was watching "Classic Albums" about the making of the "Never Mind The Bollocks" Album from the SEX PISTOLS and Jonny Rotten was talking about the fact that he wrote all the lyrics. Jonny Rotten is a very, very intelligent guy and he was reflecting about what makes him write these songs!
He just wrote about his own feelings, personal feelings!
So, I think "Parential Guidance" is a similar type of expression "We Don't Need No Parential Guidance Here" as a message!
We don't need to be told what to do!
Sometimes it's important to do mistakes, because you only learn by mistakes!

ROB HALFORD - Der METALGOD im Interview I love this Album, just like you, you know, it have its place in the backkatalog of JUDAS PRIEST and what I love on this record is that we impressed that nobody knows what we do with our music, we make the songs for ourselves and the record "Turbo" was one of our successful releases, from the commercial level, but that was the 80's, you know, it was a different time!
Iceman: "Another question is - I'm an owner of the legendary "Ozzy Meets The Priest" Bootleg, from Los Angeles 1992 15.nov where you been on stage with black Sabbath singing for them, please tell our readers how this happened, what's the story behind?"

RobHalford: "Oh, it was a big surprise, I was at my second home, in Phoenix, Arizona and I cant remember now exactly, who made the connection, but I think it was Tony (Iommi) who called me and he told me that they were on tour with Ronnie (James Dio) and they will gonna making a show in California.
At this Show OZZY will come back on stage and sing with Sabbath after many, many years, but the problem was that Ronnie didn't want to be involved in this event, so Tony asked if I could help them out!
You know, the first love of my metal life is JUDAS PRIEST but my next big Band has always been BLACK SABBATH!
I'm a huge Sabbath Fan, and so we talked about the songs, that we gonna play, I pulled out all of my Sabbath Albums, I sang along with a cassette player. I already know everything that Black Sabbath ever done, but I prepared to sing them on my own, you know?
A couple of days later, the Sabs had a day off and we met in Phoenix, had one rehearsal in a small studio, run trough the setlist once, and the next day we have been on stage in front of 20.000 people!
It was crazy, but it was an amazing show, I also have that bootleg, really good bootleg, the sound is amazing and it's really cool to have this metal memory!

Iceman: "The collectors want to know - Is there a chance to get this recording official?

RobHalford: "No, I don't think, but I remember that they had a lot of cameras there, but I don't think that the cameras were rolling when I was on stage, the cameras were rolling when Ozzy rejoined the group, and I've never seen this footage!

Iceman: "Ok, Rob what about new tour? Will you come to Germany again??

ROB HALFORD - Der METALGOD im Interview RobHalford: "Oh Yeah! Always! Germany is very important for JUDAS PRIEST! When we reunited, the first Show was in Hannover, Germany! We started the Reunion Tour in Germany. Germany was one of the first places in the world where we had a fan base, many years ago! The German fans mean a lot for us! You will see us definitely when we play the Nostradamus Tour!
Iceman: "Rob, it was an honour for me to talk to you! Is there anything left you want to tell our readers?"

RobHalford: "At first I want to thank you and "Thanx" to everybody for keeping the metal alive, we are all part of the Metal-Community, the Metal-Family, we look after each other, we stay in touch with the metal magazines, the internet, and when we all come together in concerts, festivals, it's a big display of metal force and POWER! And that's important to keep!

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by Tom @ HMH am 25.05.2005 - 14:04

Nur ein Wort: :respekt:

TomHMH u. MonaHMH

by Sir am 28.07.2007 - 22:10

Klasse Inti Ice, wirklich sehr gute Fragen und nicht immer dieser Einheitsbrei wie in den grossen Magazinen.

Dickes Lob!!!


der Sir

by Horrace am 29.07.2007 - 12:19
Wenn ich nur darüber nachdenke, dass Du mit jemandem sprechen durftest, der Anteil an sehr vielen Veränderungen meines Lebens hatte... dann habe ich "Pippi inne Augen"!

H... :respekt:

by metalqueen am 29.07.2007 - 13:03
:respekt: Wie immer Klasse Bericht Ice! Auch von mir ein dickes Lob! Bitte Judas Priest- kommt nächstes Jahr zum Bang Your Head! :bang:

by harry am 29.07.2007 - 13:19
Herr Kollege!



by Metalmonster am 29.07.2007 - 15:57
Ice, wie immer ein hammer interview!!!
Wirklich klasse Fragen, viel interessanter als die, die man meistens in den ganzen magazinen liest (sind ja meistens eh immer die gleichen...)
Ich bin gespannt, was in Zukunft noch kommen wird!
Weiter so!! :)

by Evoli am 01.08.2007 - 12:52
WOW!!!!! Sehr, sehr,sehr beindruckend!

by Evoli am 01.08.2007 - 12:54
beindruckend = beeindruckend ! genau!

by AngusYoung am 28.08.2007 - 18:50
wwwooowww... :bang:hammer interwiev geile sache... irgendwann kommt karry king an und fragt dich um ein interwiev... :grin:
mach weiter so...
immer schön heavy bleiben...
:bang: :bang: :respekt: :respekt:

by Sandy HMH am 01.09.2007 - 10:39
Hey Ice, das Interview ist super!!!
Originelle Fragen, informative Antworten. Und ein Gesprächspartner, der tatsächlich eine Ikone des Metal ist.
Das "Baby" habt ihr beide wirklich professionell "geschaukelt". :respekt:

by Roadmum am 08.09.2007 - 11:49
verdienst den vollen :respekt:...froi ma schon auf die nächsten "KLASSIKER"

ein dicken knutscha für so viel Einsatz...lg

by NorwegianMetal am 11.10.2007 - 18:05
Cool interview with a cool guy! Good questions too. Well done Iceman!

by MIC am 16.12.2007 - 18:40
:irre: Ick hätte dabei bestimmt eingepisst - :respekt: :respekt: :respekt: