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Drummer Anders Eek hat folgendes Statement zum Tod von Christian Loos veröffentlicht:
"It's with utter sadness and shock that I'm here, having to announce that my dear friend and band mate, Christian died in his home last Saturday. A goldsmith by profession, Christian was very passionate about both FUNERAL and our side-project, FALLEN and actively participated in the writing process of both bands' recordings. He was a dedicated and creative musician and was very enthusiastic about the fact that FUNERAL had finally signed a proper deal with Tabu Recordings.

Christian would have wanted us to continue as a band, music was a driving force in his life and he loved the new record, "From These Wounds". The album is a tribute to Einar and Christian's friendship and craftsmanship throughout the years. Their legacy lives on with this forthcoming album and all that FUNERAL will do in the future.

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by Iceman am 13.11.2006 - 14:25
No one gets out of here alive!

by Hellfire-Franky am 25.05.2005 - 14:04
no one gets out ....ALIVE