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MANOWAR - schreibt wieder einmal Metal-Geschichte!

MANOWAR - makes Metal History again!

Striving to create innovative ways for metal fans worldwide to enjoy heavy metal at its finest, MANOWAR is currently recording a song from their upcoming concept album with multi-lingual vocals. To date, they have recorded 15 different languages and plan to be back in the studio with more. Never before has a project of this scope been attempted by any other metal band. MANOWAR's lead singer, Eric Adams, explained, "It was an extremely difficult process. But this project was a way to reach our fans in their own languages. In fact, many of the fans assisted in the translations of the song and were on hand via tele-conferencing to correct my pronunciation! I am not a linguist, but the passion that inspired us to attempt this in the first place is definitely present in every language. I am really proud of the outcome. I view it as a gift from MANOWAR to the world." Video clips of the project in progress and snippets from the song in each language will be posted on MANOWAR's website. The song in its entirety will debut on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at Magic Circle Festival III scheduled to take place at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany. This will be the ultimate opportunity to witness metal history. Tickets are now available online via
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