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JASON BECKER - mal nachgefragt

Here We Go!

Iceman: "Hello Jason! First at all -I read in the internet that ALS has stopped and you are doing progress, step by step!! I'm very happy to read this!! So - How are you today?

Jason Becker: "I am doing well, thank you. I am lucky that I seem to have reached a place where I'm not getting any worse. Of course, I am on life support and cannot move, but other than that, I am absolutely fab, baby!
Iceman: "What is the course of your day? It is a lot of time to create the songs and to make it perfect. How do you get new ideas or themes for projects? Is it hard searching or comes the inspiration "like a butterfly"?

Jason Becker: "My day is just like anyone's day. I do the same things, more or less, it just takes 100 times as long and I need help for everything I do. It took 2 years for me to finish my new songs, but a lot of that was me waiting for others to be available. I find that the ideas and themes come pretty fast. It takes quite a while to get the notes and my ideas from my head to the finished product, but it happens. Patience is a virtue they say!
Iceman: "Are working on a new CD? Title? Release?

Jason Becker: "Yes. It will be called "The Jason Becker Collection." I picked some of my favorite songs from my career, and added three new songs (one is a reprise) and some bonus music that will be playable in your computer. Lots of me ripping. I am really proud of it.
There are guitar solos performed by Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, Steve Hunter, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Michael Lee Firkins, and some rhythm guitar played by me from an old recording done in 1991.
There are beautiful voices and I can't wait for everyone to hear it. It should be out around November 4th of this year!

Iceman: "I saw in the videos on YT about you, how you work, how to compose, but to mark a single note on a keyboard is one thing, but to explain how loud, how long, etc the note need to be played is a "mountain of work"!! Can you tell us more about the techniques?

Jason Becker: "My music program is called LogicPro. It makes it relatively easy for me. I enjoy the creative process.
You know, I really can't explain it, other than to say it IS a mountain of work. It takes many people translating for me (at different times), an engineer who is willing to work with me on my ideas until I am satisfied, and tons of time to get to where I want it to be.
That is my technique; lots of work until it is right. It is like that old question I get asked a lot, "how much should I practice?" My answer is always, "until you get it right." That is also how I compose!
Iceman: "Jason, I received a mail from a reader, he told me that he planned to commit suicide, because he has hard-drugs problems, can't fight the addiction, but than he read the article about you and now he wants to get clean, get his life into a new direction: You are an IDOL for soo many people, how did you found your inner strength? Your inner peace?

Jason Becker: "Aw…man…that is really touching. That kind of thing makes it all worth it. I don't feel like I have any special secret to "inner strength" or "inner peace," except, that I meditate and follow the teachings of Amma. My mom and dad gave me a love for life, I love music, and it just makes me happy to think I may inspire some people to be happier about their own lives.
Iceman: "What about your old "Partners in Crime"? David Lee Roth? Eddie Van Halen? Marty Friedman? Still in Contact? May they do some of the next recordings?

Jason Becker: "I'm still in contact with Marty. He is the coolest guy. I love him. He is on one of my new songs. I haven't heard from Eddie or Dave, but you never know. I would love to work with those guys if it works out some day.
Iceman: "If you could choose a "Dream-Band" to perform your songs, which musician would you choose?"

Jason Becker: "On guitar, Jeff Beck and Uli Roth. The singer would be Sarah McLachlan. On keyboards, Herbie Hancock. On trumpet, Wynton Marsalis. On tabla, Zakir Hussein. On bass, Jonas Hellsborg. The London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Harlem Gospel Choir. Man, I want to hear that!
Iceman: "Which kind of music do you hear at home?

Jason Becker: "All kinds of music. I recently watched the Ken Burns series on the history of jazz and was so impressed by how beautiful the music sometimes was and how much crap black musicians went through. I love classical, jazz, rock, Indian, (Eastern and American) some hip-hop, all kinds of music.
Iceman: "Jason, in the 80's, when the sound, we all call HEAVY METAL started, we had a lot of bands, playing with the "Bad-Boy" Image, but it was more fun than serious, what do you think today? About the "Rap" Stuff for example, coming from the U.S.A. and some of them are preaching nothing else than "Hate and Violence"! What do you think about such "Artists"?

Jason Becker: "Well, the only time I can accept and appreciate what you call "preaching hate and violence" is if the person singing/composing it has been hated and treated violently, like, for instance, Tupac, who (as far as I know) tells his truth, more than preaching hate and violence.
Remember, one of my biggest influences is Bob Dylan, who wrote about racism at a time when it was a rampant and ugly thing.
He wrote/sang of hatred and violence, (the truth) not to talk people into being hateful and violent, but to talk them out of it, or to wake them up.
It is sad that hate and violence is hip these days, but I would blame society first.
How can people love war, but turn around and condemn people for telling about their lifestyles which were created by the fat cats?
Iceman: "Jason, you need 24/7 help and care, is there any way we can help you? Some kind of foundation, or something?

Jason Becker: "Aw, thanks, man. You are so great. I guess the best thing anyone could do is to buy my music!
Iceman: "What about the movie "Mr.Tambourine Man" is this Movie in progress? What about the guitars that will be made?

Jason Becker: "No, the movie is not in progress and I wouldn't hold my breath on that; I just don't know. The JB Guitar (Paradise Guitars) should be out sometime in October/November!
Iceman: "Ok, Jason, that's all for this time, is there anything left you want to tell our readers?

Jason Becker: "I just want to thank everyone for being so cool. I have the greatest fans ever. I appreciate all your support and I am inspired by you too!!


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by Black-Shadow am 25.05.2005 - 14:04
Ja sehr schön gemacht.Auch klasse das trotz dieser erheblichen und zeitlichen einschränkung sich Jason die Zeit genommen hat.Es ist schon Wahnsinn,wie er sich der Sache entgegestellt und trotzt.Und wer weiß,vielleicht gibts ja noch Hoffnung und es ist eine beserung in Sicht.Auf diesem Wege alles gute an ihn.


by Hellfire-Franky am 26.09.2008 - 19:08
Love and never ending Respect, Jason
nothin more to say ...........

by metalqueen am 27.09.2008 - 11:47
Da kann ich franky nur zu stimmen! "Neverending Respect!"Hut ab Jason! Mach weiter so!!!!

by Evoli am 29.09.2008 - 11:08
Diese Kraft, dieser Optimismus und vor allem dieser starke Lebenswillen sind fast unglaublich....aber wahr! :respekt: :respekt: :respekt:Viel, viel Erfolg mit der neuen CD!

by Metalmonster am 03.10.2008 - 14:13
Ein paar lieder von ihm kenne ich, sie sind klasse!
Der Mann verdient höchsten respekt, ich bewundere ihn und er ist für viele mit sicherheit ein vorbild... :respekt:

by rockerbraut91 am 07.10.2008 - 15:39
einfach zum heulen solche schicksalsschläge :cry:

:respekt: vor solchen menschen die trotzdem leben!!

by giardinogt am 08.10.2008 - 19:25
Hi there, i`m Chris from Guatemala City. There are no word to explain how much jason has helped me!

Before i knew about jason, my life was like a piece of paper without any meaning! But then i start reading about jason, and then i get to understand that when i was sad and depressed it was all because of my ignorance, Now ican really say that my life is now inspired by a Guy that never gives up, a guy that is an example for me, and my top idol! Jasn becker!!!

I began to play guitar cause of Jason, and i don`t wanna sound religious, but i trully pray to god, for jason, and i would give as much as i could, to improve Jason`s health!!
I`m sure, Jason`s gonna get better!

Thanks Jason Becker!! U Changed my lfe, give me all inspiration i need, to love my life, to love music, and to know that I can do whatever i want to!!



by xenia am 12.10.2008 - 17:23
Diese Ausdauer und dieser Lebensmut sind wirklich bewundernswert. Auch die Musik gefällt mir gut, obwohl ich sonst eher schnellere Sachen mag. Sie ist sehr variantenreich. Ich bin neugierig auf die nächste CD.

by NorwegianMetal am 15.10.2008 - 15:57
Makes you think... and kind of speachless... All respect to Jason and his likes to have the will power and desire to life. Love and respect from Norway, brother!

by stean am 19.10.2008 - 21:04
Was soll man sagen? Der Man lebt für die Musik und die Musik lässt ihne leben. Nicht viele in einer weitaus harmloseren Situation hätte die Power wie Jason. Wer sein Gitarrenspiel kennt hört die Kraft die er hat, Unendlicher Respekt.

by Sher am 01.11.2008 - 04:29
Thanks Iceman, Your questions were really good. I will tell you why. 1. The feeling of honest interest in the person and his artistic ability was clear. 2.You asked the question not mentioned in another report I read some time ago. It is one thing to put down the notes on paper but how does he add the nuances, the tone and color to the notes?
It is this which separates the good from the great...the very good from the virtuoso, when each one plays or sings the same music.
I like Jasons answer to the question from a fan: How long should I practice? "Until you get it right"