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HARDLINE begrüßen uns in der "Danger Zone"
Frontiers Records veröffentlichen das neue Studioalbum am 18. Mai 2012.


Johnny Gioeli – lead vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards and backing vocals
Thorsten Koehne - guitars
Anna Portalupi - bass
Francesco Jovino - drums

“Danger Zone” tracklisting:

Fever Dreams; 10.000 Reasons; Danger Zone; What I'd Like; Stronger Than Me; Never Too Late For Love; Stay; I Don't Want To Breakaway; Look At You Now; Please Have Faith In Me; Show Me Your Love; The Only One

Nach dem Release von "Leaving The End Open" hätte Sänger Johnny Gioeli das Kapitel HARDLINE an und für sich gerne beendet. Auf anraten von Frontiers Records Oberboss Serafino Perugino entstand dann doch ein neues Werk: "Danger Zone" Johnny erklärt: “I love surprises and this was certainly one of them. Each time I decide to close the door on Hardline, I get the itch to continue”.

Perugino ließ Johnny Gioeli einige Demosongs aus der Feder von Alessandro Del Vecchio (bekannt für seine Arbeit mit Edge of Forever, Eden's Curse, Bobby Kimball, um nur einge Namen zu nennen) zukommen, was den Musiker überzeugte ein neues Album zu produzieren. “Ale is one talented brotha...” erzählt Johnny, “he plays, writes, sings, engineers, produces and mixesMore than all the talent he has, he is an example of a great human in many many ways.  I look forward to making more music with Ale. And it doesn't hurt that he's Italian too!”

Alessandro Del Vecchio zur Zusammenarbeit: “I feel humbled but at the same time excited as never before. I grew up with Double Eclipse, which I bought when I was 13, so it's really a combination of feelings. The whole thing started so naturally that I feel like me and Johnny have been knowing each other for years. Our goal was to match the superb quality of that milestone of a debut and we worked hard to get to it, but we also wanted this record to be a shift and the truthful mirror of this "new" life for Hardline”. And, according to Gioeli “I think all of the Hardline records have a magic about them... this one certainly holds a more commercial pop sound to its heartbeat.  I love it.”

Das aktuelle HARDLINE lineup besteht, neben Frontmann Johnny Gioeli, aus den in Europa ansäßigen Musikern: Francesco Jovino (UDO), Thorsten Koehne (Code Of Perfection, Eden's Curse) und Anna Portalupi (Mitch Malloy). “I would absolutely LOVE to tour with these guys.  I think the fans would be quite surprised when they hear this a good solid kick in the teeth” so spricht Gioeli. Tourdaten sind also bereits in Planung.

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