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FUELED BY FIRE - Unterschreiben bei NoiseArt Records und Rock The Nation!

Die Kalifornischen Thrasher FUELED BY FIRE haben einen Plattenvertrag für Europa bei NoiseArt Records unterschrieben, als auch einen Booking Deal bei Rock The Nation! Herzlich willkommen in der Familie!

Das sagt die Band zur Vertragsunterzeichnung:

"We are extremely proud to announce that we are now a part of the Noise Art family. We feel that Noise Art is the perfect home for us; we have seen the great work Noise Art has done to help bands excel to their full potential throughout Europe and Beyond. We are looking forward to a great future with them! And we want to Thank "NOISE ART" for this opportunity to be a part of a great team…SO, KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR US…

We will be out in Germany for the Keep it True Fest in April 2012! We are working to set up a tour around that! Also we will be out in Europe in the summer for sure! So you'll be seeing lots of FBF In the future! So be ready to get violent! We'll also be playing a Festival in Bolivia with DRI that should be insane!!! There are a few more dates we are locking down as we speak…so this should be a busy year for us.

News on our next album… We are about half way done with writing the new album; it's coming out really fuckin great! We're happy with where our music is going! Fast and Heavy and Fuckin violent like we like it! You'll be banging your fuckin head soon!


Carlos, Rick, Anthony, Chris

Tracklist "Plunging Into Darkness":

1. The Arrival
2. Rising From Beneath
3. Within The Abyss
4. Unidentified Remains
5. Plunging Into Darkness
6. Eye of The Demon
7. Intro
8. Evoke The Curse
9. Amongst The Dead
10. Sickness of Humanity
11. Mass Infestation

Das neue Album "Plunging Into Darkness" wird am 24. Februar 2012 über NoiseArt Records erscheinen! Ein aggressives, fieses Biest, das euch ins Gesicht springen wird!
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